Electra Townie

This is one of our best selling bikes. It features an aluminum frame with Electra's Flat-Foot technology, which lowers the bike and allows you to touch the ground easily while still being able to extend your leg enough. They're safe and very comfortable. 

They are available in Mens (+ tall), Women's (+ 24" wheels) and every model has an "EQ" variant, which adds a generator, front and rear lights, and matching fenders. 


Electra Cruiser

A little more old school than the Townie, but still features the comfortable and easy-riding riding position. 

We have in stock Men's and Women's, single speed or 7 speed, and plenty of accessories to personalize your Electra!

Starting at $270


Fat Tire Cruisers

We stock a variety of bikes with huge- up to 26x3.5"- tires from both Sun and Electra. They're very customizable; adding ape hanger bars is a popular mod we do. 


I had a little bit of fun with them when we first got them in the video below. Back then it was called the Crusher.