Claibourne West Park

     This is a very family friendly park.  It's like a Norman Rockwell picture.  I was surprised at how simple life felt in this park.  Kids were running, playing, fishing and riding their bicycles.  Parents weren't on edge about safety.  Everyone seemed to be relaxed and having a good time.

    One Sunday they had a live C & W Band for all to enjoy.  Bicycles everywhere.  Most of them were pretty cheap department store bikes.  "Non serious" cyclists.  

     There is a technical area that is a challenge.  It was constructed for cyclists and consists of dozens of dump truck loads of dirt "carefully" placed to give a roller coaster effect.  This small area is worth the trip if you want to sharpen your skills and burn some serious calories.  

     Bring your family, ride around the lake, cross the huge foot bridge and carry your bike down the stairs for a real treat.  The trails on the back side of this park change with the seasons.  In rainy weather, they are muddy.  There are a series of low tech, challenging, highly effective, fun to ride bridges over the bogs.  The challenge:  Keep your balance!  If you don't,  you'll find yourself mid-calf deep in mud and possibly shoeless.  It's a scream.  Oh, by the way, the spiders are not poisonous to humans and they're not very tasty.



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