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"WOW!! What is THAT?!" You'll hear this alot when cruising around on the Sun Baja eTrike. This trike is built for versatility, comfort, and good times. Pavement, grass, dirt, or gravel. You decide where you want to enjoy the ride. The 24x4" tires absorb all the bumps on and off-road and the simple 7 gearing makes riding over varying terrain a breeze. This epic trike is equipped with a 500W 48V direct drive motor. The direct-drive hub motor is designed to deliver more low-end torque and a lower top speed; important for safety on a 3-wheeler. This premium system with a lithium battery gives high-end performance and longer overall battery life.
If riding a regular recumbent is easy and comfortable, then riding a recumbent trike is even better. With the EZ Tri Classic recumbent trike, the rider gets the comfort and mechanical pedaling advantage along with the stability and confidence a trike brings. As if that wasn't attractive enough, we added an electric motor. The E-BikeKit 500w geared conversion kit is powered by an internal 5:1 planetary gear hub motor with a clutch. The clutch in the geared motor offers zero drag when pedaling and not engaging battery power. This motor is more efficient, resulting in increased range (especially with "start/stop" riding), has more starting torque, and has greater hill-climbing ability than a direct drive motor of equal power rating. The motor is also smaller in diameter for increased stealth and 3.4 lbs lighter than the 500w direct drive.
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