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Compact Size Big Possibilities Velotric Fold 1 was made to be our most bang-for-buck bike, suitable for a wide variety of use cases, all in a convenient folding form factor. High Performance motor Our high-efficiency 750W (peak 1050W) motor with 70Nm torque surpasses most similar models in the market in regards to acceleration and hill climbing. UL2271 certified battery Power that Beats the Competition The high-performance motor generates 750W, peaking at 1050W, and delivers 70Nm torque, surpassing most similar models for powerful acceleration and climbing ability. 20% Lower Step-Through Design The 400mm standover height is 20% lower than the competition. Easily hop on and off making it ideal for those with knee or hip concerns, and friendly to elderly riders. More Range, More Adventures The 608Wh battery with high-quality cells ensures up to 55 miles of range for longer adventures. Easy to Fold, Easy to Store In 3 simple steps, the Fold 1 fits easily inside the trunk of any car, SUV, closet or even boat!
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