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Sun Bicycles Electric EZ-Tri Classic

Sun Bicycles Electric EZ-Tri Classic
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If riding a regular recumbent is easy and comfortable, then riding a recumbent trike is even better. With the EZ Tri Classic recumbent trike, the rider gets the comfort and mechanical pedaling advantage along with the stability and confidence a trike brings. As if that wasn't attractive enough, we added an electric motor.
The E-BikeKit 500w geared conversion kit is powered by an internal 5:1 planetary gear hub motor with a clutch. The clutch in the geared motor offers zero drag when pedaling and not engaging battery power. This motor is more efficient, resulting in increased range (especially with "start/stop" riding), has more starting torque, and has greater hill-climbing ability than a direct drive motor of equal power rating. The motor is also smaller in diameter for increased stealth and 3.4 lbs lighter than the 500w direct drive.

  • Wheel Base: 56.5" (143cm)
  • Overall Length: 73" (185cm)
  • Width: 30.5" (77.5cm)
  • Seat Height: 22" (56cm)
  • Weight: 56 lbs
  • Weight Limit: 300lbs
  • X-Seam 32-48"

Type: Internally Geared (Brushless, and disc brake compatible)
Power: 500w Nominal / > 1000 @ 48v
Max Torque: 84Nm @ 48v (up to 48v w/ 300 lbs max load)
Max RPM: 320 @ 48v
Cable: 8in Axle Exit, 3-Phase / 5 Hall Effect
Connector: Round 8-Pin 13/32in (10.4mm)
Weight: 9.4 lbs (4.26 kg)
Warranty: 1 Year
Brand: Electric Bike Technologies, Inc.

48v 10Ah Aluminum case battery, 14 Mph @ 48v / 10-20 Mile Range

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