Specialized Roubaix

This is our best selling road bike. Featuring a FACT 9r carbon frame that's stiffer than the SL4 from a few years ago, and the new FutureShock, which gives the handlebars 20mm of travel. Disc brakes are standard.


Specialized Allez

With Specialized's proprietary alloy frame and carbon fork, this entry level bike doesn't cut any corners. It's great for upgrading later on down the road, or get an all out race bike with the Allez Sprint.


Specialized AWOL

This is the personal favorite bike of a few of us here. Heavy duty chromoly frame, with options to put generators, racks, bags, or even 29" knobby tires!


Specialized Ruby

The guy's don't get to have all the fun here. It's got the same basic design and features as the Roubaix, but tuned for the different needs of a female rider.


Specialized Dolce

Features women's endurance geometry frame with a carbon fork. Perfect for just getting into the sport.


Specialized Diverge

The Diverge is another bike we've really been into. It comes in both men's and women's versions. It's sort of in between the Roubaix and the AWOL, with the ability to mount racks and fenders to it, but also available with the same 20mm travel FutureShock. There are also carbon or E5 alloy versions.