Link to  Sam Houston Jones State Park and MTB Reviews

Cypress trees and moss hanging from them are the centerpiece of this beautiful  Bicycle Friendly Park.  This replica of a swamp is what makes this park so very beautiful to me.  Ride around it to warm up, then hit the old Stage Coach Trail.  At the end of that trail, about 20 feet high, is a sign:  ADVANCED RIDERS ONLY.  They mean it.  If you are one, go have fun- and you will!  If not, go enjoy the other 8 or 10 miles of trails in the park.

     This is a super deluxe State Park with nice restroom facilities and beautiful southern Louisiana scenery.  All the trails seem like they are advanced- and they're not.  The need for drainage just roughens the first 30 to 45 feet of the trail.  If you will walk your bike that first little bit, you will find yourself in what feels like an enormous room with a ceiling as high as the canopy of the trees and filtered light as far as you can see.  It's surreal.  A great place for a casual family ride, an easy ride with your spouse or a really fast ride with the hammer heads.  Really, go there next.  The longer you wait the harder you'll kick yourself for not going sooner!  Younger kids have a nice playground.  They have neat, clean, well spaced camp sites.  A great day spot.  A great weekend spot.  A great spot period.

     Located north of Lake Charles, Louisiana, in Westlake.  From Beaumont, take IH 10 East into Lake Charles, just before the "big bridge" take the Westlake Exit and follow the brown State Park Signs.