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Just because it isn't on this list doesn't mean we can't do it. It is ALWAYS better to bring your bike by and let us take a look at it before we give you an exact quote. QUOTES MY VARY BY MECHANIC'S DISCRETION. 


Tune Ups: This service is for a bicycle that doesn't need any one thing, but could benefit from a little attention overall. Includes bearing adjustments on the BB, headset, both hubs, minor spoke adjustments, brake and gear adjustments, and lubrication wherever necessary. 

  • A complete overhaul involves disassembly, cleaning, inspection, lubrication, and reassembly and adjustment of the entire bike. This includes cleaning and repacking every possible bearing. Perfect for a bike that's survived a hurricane or two. With a tune up, $159.99 ($179.99 value). 



  • True: traditional wheel: $26.50 ($19.50 if bike purchased here). Hidden Nipples: $34.50. 
  • True and replace spokes:  Traditional wheel $29.50-$34.50. Disc Brakes $39.50-$45.50. Hidden Nipples $49-$55
  • Lace Wheel: $65


Services À la carte:

  • Flat tires: $6.50-$12.50 per wheel. Internal 3 speeds: $24. Unicycles: $14.50. Electric Scooters: $39.50
  • Mini Gear Tune Up: $39.50. With installation of parts: $49.50. 
  • Brake tune up: $24.50-$49.50 (1 caliper adjustment to 2 hydraulic caliper adjustments). Installation of new brakes is $49.50-$89.50. NOTE: Brake adjustments and installation includes wheel true. 
  • Pack Bike for Shipping: $59.99. Unusually shaped bikes: $129.50
  • Build Pre-Assembled bike from a box: $79.99 single speed, $99.99 for multi-speed
  • Build unassembled bike (internet special) $150.00 
  • Tape Bars: $19.50 + parts
  • Install Bars: No cables: $12.50, Shifters+Gears: $22.50, Road bike: $49.50 (includes taping bars)
  • Training Wheels: $17.50
  • Computer:  $14.50 regular, $24.50 cadence, $44.50 exotic 
  • Rear Rack: $14.50
  • Front Basket: $14.50
  • Pedals: platform: $10. Pedals and cleats (no items purchased) $45. This includes installation and adjustment on a wind trainer. If Bicycle, shoes and pedals were purchased there is no charge.
  • Chain: $12.50 for installation. Cutting a chain to length $6.50



A rider of of any skill level or experience can benefit from a better fitting bike. There is nothing more important to the ride than the fit. Our BG Fit technicians are knowledgeable and passionate about bike fit. More Info

Inquire with

BG Fit

$200 or $150 with road bike purchase

What this includes:

  • pre-fit interview (rider goals, previous injuries and riding style.)
  • pre-fit physical assessment. A 16 step evaluation including flexibility, foot structure, knee position, etc. 
  • comprehensive shoe, cleat/pedal, saddle, and handlebar selection
  • adjustments both from the side view and front. We don't make you fit the bike, we make it fit you. 
  • follow up appointment
  • detailed measurements and before and after photos
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